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After the modified Carrier Update of T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon Wireless been released, now Joseph Brown released the version for Sprint customers ensuring much improved speed speeds on the iPhone 5. At the moment, it is only for the iPhone 5 and we have a version for the iPad.

This modification enables Advanced 1X and EVDO Rev. B on the iPhone 5 to improve speed in EVDO 3G data connection. The LTE connection speed remains intact and the users will not notice any kind of improvement in strength or signal range.
This hack Enables Advanced 1x and EVDO Rev. B on the iPhone 5 Enhancing EVDO 3G data speeds. Though Sprint is limited to EVDO Rev. A, the device itself Becomes more open to an Increased amount of bandwidth Malthus Allowing for better throughput of data and data connection. Within the intact Already carrier coding files That Also Showed signs 1x Advanced Sprint has on Their network support. So, how knows? This May actually enable something new. Throttling code was put in place to limit users to a Un certain amount of bandwidth on 3G only as well and has now been removed. As for LTE, no throttling codes were put in place to limit users’ bandwidth band nor any preference coding was put into place to limit users on coverage. This will not Increase signal so do not expect it to like the AT & T version of this hack nor does it Increase LTE as it was not limited in the first place.

Here’s How to you proceed to modify the Sprint Carrier Update on your iPhone 5.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 5 to iTunes and make  a backup in case anything happens
Step 2: Download the modified  “Carrier Update” from here.
Step 3: Enable iTunes to allow Carrier Bundles are installed. (This function disable Apple makes several versions).
Windows users, open Command Prompt and write from cd on. (Choose your version if 64bit or 32bit)

64 bit: cd “C: Program Files (x86) iTunes” and then writes: iTunes.exe / setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
32 bit: cd “C: Program FilesiTunes” and then writes: iTunes.exe / setPrefInt carrier-testing 1


Step 5: Mac users draw a search of the “Terminal” application on your Mac and write;

defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing-bool true

Step 6: Once you do step 4 or 5 (depending if you have Mac or PC) Close iTunes and reopen it. Search the iPhone management screen in iTunes that says “Update” or “Check for Update” and will push this option holding ALT-OPTION key if you are on Mac or SHIFT if you’re on PC. Dialog appears “Browse” seeks Update Carrier modified file you downloaded. Step 7: This will apply the update. (It’s a pretty quick process)
You can verify if it was successfully installed by opening the Settings> General> About and verify that the version says “Carrier Update: Sprint 14.1”
Step 8: Re-start your iPhone before doing any test.

To reverse what has been done, follow these steps:


  • Without Jailbreak: Navigate to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings and let the computer re-start and fall at the iTunes screen. Once you’re there, tell iTunes you restore the most recent backup.
  • With Jailbreak: You need to have installed iFile (From Cydia) or with a program on your computer as DiskAid, navigate to / var / mobile / Library / Carrier Bundles / iPhone (or iPad) and delete the folder that says ATT_US.bundle or Sprint_LTE_US. bundle as well as the files located in / var / mobile / Library / Carrier Bundles / overlay. Once complete, re-start your computer. If the data appears as only 3G signal, re-start your computer again and do not panic this is normal.

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