Hacker Geohot took a top security job at Google



The famous hacker who released jailbreak for the iPhone in 2007, got a job at Google. He will enter a team of security experts called Project Zero, where it will search for vulnerabilities in software that provides functioning of the Internet and Internet services.

As described in the Google, the idea of ​​creating Project Zero was born itself. Google employees from time to time are searching for vulnerabilities in his spare time. Now, as part of Project Zero, serving corporations will do it full time.

“It is important that you can use the Internet without fear of falling victim to the perpetrator or the object of observation of government agents that exploit vulnerabilities in software to infect your computer, steal confidential data or keep track of your conversations,” – said in a communique project manager Chris Evans .

Currently, Google is gaining a team project. One of its first members became widely known, a 24-year-old hacker George Hotz, aka Geohot. Geohot was the first who developed a utility for unlocking iPhone. The program came just a month after the start of sales of the iPhone in 2007, then the hacker was 17 years old.

Geohot is not only famous for hacking into iOS mobile platform. Several years ago, he developed a mechanism of “opening” the seemingly impenetrable defenseon the Sony PlayStation 3 and published on the web keys for hacking the gaming console. After that Sony has filed  a law suit it in court. The result of that lawsuit settlement agreement concluded between young hacker and a Japanese corporation, whereby the hacker promised not to make future unauthorized access to any Sony products .

Google itself has recently dealt with Geohot. In March 2014 a hacker took a prize of $150,000 for detecting vulnerabilities in the operating system, Chrome OS. The Pwnium 4 event was arranged and sponsored by the search giant.

In June 2011, Hotz took a job at Facebook to work on an application allowing to see on a map where the user’s social network friends. In early 2012, the hacker left the company.

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