The smartly understand Hacker, Joshua Hill, higher identified within the jailbreak community under the name p0sixninja, has just said in his twitter that he is no longer a part of the Chronic Dev-Team. Joshua Hill was one of the frontmen that stood at the origins of this famous team, formed several years ago. Recall that with the direct participation, the Chronic Dev-Team has created jailbreak tools like GreenPois0n and of course Absinthe.

Moments later he reported that everyone will now understand that he was not in it for the money. This allows to think that his resignation may have a financial dispute is based. The sudden departure of p0sixninja from the Chronic Dev Team follows an immediately an attempt of selling an iPhone 4 after Black Hat in Las Vegas to be able to return home. The corresponding iPhone 4 contained at that time an exploit for iBoot and which could serve for the next jailbreak. iBoot engages, operates at a very early in the chain of trust level.


Unfortunately for p0sixninja, one of the first persons to respond directly to the iPhone sale was Magahern James (@ buzzert), a programmer from his LinkedIn profile that has an internship at Apple as iOS Apps & Frameworks engineer. It is not known whether p0sixninja has indeed sold the iPhone to James Magahern, partly because the users follow each other recently and thus immediately was able to send messages back and forth, but the sudden departure of p0sixninja from Chronic Dev Team and the recent amendment of the LinkedIN profile of James Magahern do that presumption.


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