Hackers Unlock The Samsung Galaxy S8 With a Fake Iris Scanner



Samsung Galaxy S8 release focused on several issues, including a panel that occupied the entire panel and iris scanner unlock. Samsung said that this method of unlocking was one of the safest that existed so far, but it was clear that hackers were going to get hacked the system and get access to the device. On this occasion, Turkish hackers have used an image of the original eye and a lens. After the jump you have the video where it shows the whole process and how simple it is to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S8 with an image of the owner.

These Turkish hackers along with the Chaos Club have managed to deceive the unlocking by iris of the new Samsung Galaxy S8. As they tell us and we see in the video where they show us the process, they have only needed: a digital camera, a laser printer and a lens.

During the process, computer scientists take a picture of the owner of the phone in front (although, they say, it is also possible to side) and then put a lens on the pupil once the image is printed. Just teach the camera the image with the lens to access the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This was not expected, although, it also happened with the Apple Touch ID and will go through all the unlock systems as long as there are large teams of hackers trying to breach security.

We know that Apple has bought several companies dedicated to biometric security, and rumors in recent months indicate that the next iPhone 8 could include unlocking iris, as did Samsung with its Galaxy 8. It only remains to wait and see what measures Has taken Apple regarding this method of security and if it will work better than it works on the Korean device.

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