Hackers Jailbreak the new iPad 3 Using a Third Method!


iPhone Dev-Team Musclenerd, Chpwn (Grant Paul) and Phoenixdev (Paul Griffin) have posted pictures of the new iPad 3 jailbroken to the public. Just hours after this publication, other hackers jailbreak and move to announce the successful jailbreak via Twitter.




Two other jailbreak developers can now prove a successful jailbreak and have provided relevant evidence using Twitter. The well-known security expert Stefan Esser aka i0n1c has also continued to demonstrate a video Untethered Jailbreak released for the iPad third The IOS hacker chpwn Twitter has shown that to be seen screenshots of his iPad jailbreak.

Thus were developed by three different people a working jailbreak. The odds are very good that in the near future one of these methods, the broad masses is available.



It remains to be seen of course continue, as shown as the past has been able, after the promulgation of the first results of the iOS hacker a few weeks if not months, to pass until the jailbreak is available to the public. Furthermore, of course, hoped that a userland vulnerability is exploited, for thus would the other iOS devices are supported on IOS 5.1.

Certainly will be working the various iOS hacker in the coming days and weeks and try hard to jailbreak as soon as possible to finalize. If new information about a future jailbreak for the new iPad and iOS 5.1 for available, we will report it accordingly.





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