ios-trojanExperts at Terrogence Israeli company reported that a malicious application Zorenium, designed for operating systems Windows and Linux, has been ported to the platform iOS.

According SecurityLab, « malware ” is a cross-platform low-profile bot remotely controlled and capable steal money from online bank accounts to participate in DDoS- attacks, spread itself in the form of worm Skype, as well as generate Bitcoin.

Researchers said that the version for iOS Zorenium can only be run on the iPhone and iPad, which was done the jailbreak. Despite this, the malware poses a serious threat to user information on smartphones and tablets Apple.

“Zorenium, being a relatively new and unknown bot , which appeared on underground forums in January 2014 , received new features with the update released on March 18. Among them – in addition to the opportunity to infect Linux and Windows iOS- device ( version 5.7 ) , “- said the expert .

Malicious software can also be downloaded to the system Debian GNU / Linux and the latest versions of Android.

According to the description , the latest version Zorenium can also integrate with the rootkit TDL4, the ability to bypass the signature verification code in Windows. According to the developers , the probability of detecting the malware antivirus software is very small. The cost of the basic version Zorenium is about $ 550. For a complete kit with a rootkit , and banking Bitcoin generator module will have to pay about $ 3130 . Malware with the ability to exercise control over P2P Tor will cost $ 7800 .

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