Hackers Show a Way to reproduce fingerprint from images




Chaos Computer Club, one of the greatest hackers associations in Europe, said that fingerprints can be played from a photograph showing two fingers of a person.

Jan Krissler, also known as “Starbug ‘explained how he had copied fingerprints German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen through a pair of public photographs. The specialist showed its discovery in the 31st annual convention of Chaos Computer Club in Germany. At today’s conference has already demonstrated “fingers” Ursula von der Lyayn, Minister of Defence of the same country. Detailed image suitable for use on 3D-printer, composed by a set of utilities VeriFinger, as well as the source of information used by high-ranking public pictures Frau.

This is the essence – the specialists Chaos Computer Club “CCC “technique demonstrated playback fingerprint random people, in which there is no need not in physical contact with the victim, or even spying on her. At each event with the powers that be at the scene crowd of paparazzi, who will provide you with hundreds of photos, for free. Taking into account the spirit of the times – a good half will be in high resolution and can only select the desired finger dozen shots from different angles to get a comprehensive picture. Starbug’u these data with more than enough to simulate the fingerprints of the Minister, the supercomputer hackers want, and the calculations were carried out using a completely legal software.

The level of detail is not even the most expensive of 3D-printers today can print counterparts records, reproducing a coded pattern, which is then transformed into music. Create three-dimensional finger with embossed imprint stranger – it is a couple of hours, after which you can begin to cracking of the same Touch ID. By the way, a year ago hacker group Jan Kisslera this is successfully done, it is true, then using real fingerprints of people as the starting material. The new technique – a reflection of scientific and technical progress, evidence that engineering thought does not stand still, and not a demonstration of some achievements intruders.

Tim finger KukaDlya manufacturers of gadgets with fingerprint scanners And this news is not daunting, although casts doubt one of the competitive advantages of their products. From the official point of view on a particular responsibility remains careless user, leaked key unlocks constipation. As an analogy – peeped over his shoulder code intercepted by phishing page password elicited at gunpoint secret combination of characters. That’s why the scene in Hamburg, came the words, gestures, and gloves, and as an example referred to Angela Merkel, prefers in public to keep their hands together – her fingers to photograph problematic, can not be said about Tim Cook

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