In early April Cult of Mac reported via the alternative app store for OS X called Hackstore, following the example of the Cydia apps will provide a home from Apple are not allowed. The developer Andrey Fedotov has just recently moved to Vermont from Russia, USA and is described on the page as a lover of open-source software that wants to make it as easy as possible for users to use their devices as they want without going through be a company limited artificially.

The hackstore 
enables developers of applications for Mac OS X , which will not be tolerated in the Mac App Store to be found through a central point. The apps can be hosted directly by Fedotov and his team. Alternatively, there is a possibility that is linked directly to the websites of the developers.

Using a function within the store interested programmers have the opportunity to submit their apps. Currently all apps in the store are free. Fedotov hopes that you work with developers in the future to also offer fee-based downloads can.

Although thousands of apps available in the stores are, are still some good ideas on the track, because they are not in compliance. In the IOS area to Cydia mittlwerweile has currently developed as an alternative distribution for apps that were either from Apple or agelehnt had no chance from the start, ever get to the official store.

The structure resembles that of theMac App Store , the usual features such as search and classification of the categories are so easy to understand. When you click on an application the details, such as appraisal, description and reviews are displayed. Since the current design of the app is very simple yet, the makers of the hack gates forward to help from other designers and developers who can offer the expansion of a helping hand.

In contrast to iOS there away from the Mac App Store not really a hodgepodge of compatible apps. In principle, this is not necessary, because the Mac is not a closed system and every app from the internet can be installed on it. 


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