Verizon has traditionally performed numerous advertising to consumers a BlackBerry or Android smartphone to purchase. That's lovely a hit, however a brand new find out about displays that shoppers usually are not so glad. At least fifty four% of present Verizon buyers with Android or BlackBerry telephone, will switch to the iPhone .


The iPhone is available from Verizon as of February 10. The data shown by an examination of uSamp at the end of January more than 700 smartphone users questioned. It shows that 54% of customers "very Likely" (25%) or "Somewhat
Likely" (29%) will switch to the iPhone.
 Especially BlackBerry users are looking for something new: among them is the percentage of potential adopters as much as 66 percent. Verizon was rather strong promotion for the BlackBerry.

Another research company (ChangeWave) did research at AT &T customers to determine how they want to switch. AT & T customers 16% will switch to Verizon and AT & T customers with an iPhone than 26% of plan, the main reason it ever drop calls. The first reviews of the Verizon iPhone shows that it is less affected by calls that abruptness. The ChangeWave research shows that men (36%) are more likely to move than women (20%).

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