Video converter designed to change the format and quality of movies or videos. The main objective of these programs is to convert the existing file type you want to watch a particular device or application. This can be a smart phone iPhone, player iPod, tablet iPad, set-top box Apple TV, mediakombayn iTunes. In addition to this function, converters allow you to change the file size by compression of video with a decrease in the quality (frame rate / resolution / bitrate).

Designed as a tool to clone DVD-ROM drive, Handbrake soon turned into a universal converter of video files. Now it converts virtually any video to the format you want. Flawless, reliable and easy to use. Utility provides a wide conversion settings and image quality, user-friendly interface, support for ffmpeg and XviD, support for subtitles, chapters in DVD and batch files.


In this week released version 0.10.0 Handbrake has received a number of significant improvements. Now the application supports codec x265 v1.4, which allows you to compress an image twice as good. This means that downloading the same movie in the same as the user takes twice less time than ever before.

Updated Handbrake quickly perform conversion by supporting technology Intel QuickSync Video. This is a hardware compressor in H.264, uses the possibilities of Intel processors for faster processing of video. Denoise NLMeans new filter provides much better results when cleaning the image noise.

In addition to the filter Lanczos, used to resize pictures in HandBrake 0.10.0, a new filter BiCubic. This means that the owners of the computers receive AMD graphics performance improvement when it is used.

Download Handbrake 0.10.0 for Mac, Windows and Linux free of charge from the decveloper website.

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