Google has just added a new functionality its mobile search engine. This new feature called handwriting,  makes it possible to write your query. By moving your finger to draw a text you can search the Internet. The feature is especially useful on the iPhone where you have enough space to write a word. Google only works if you handwrite legibly letters. While writing, you may not in other places touching the screen.


Unfortunately, Google handwriting is not yet available to everyone, it is gradually rolled out to all users. As the video below shows it works even in Asian languages.

How to Activate:

  • Visit on your iPhone or iPad 
  • Enable the ‘Handwrite’ feature and make sure to Save
  • Return to and tap the ‘g’ icon

In order to use handwriting, go to on your smartphone. Then click Settings / Settings link at the bottom of the page and write in Hand. Bottom right on the page you see a handwritten g icon which you can indicate that a handwritten text follows. The function is immediately available in 27 languages. The feature seems especially useful in situations where typing on the keyboard is not accurately enough to work, such as walking on a treadmill.

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