A couple days ago,  Comex tweeted about working on alternative to Cydia which voiced by the question: “Why do I need to Jailbreak and Cydia, when iOS already has all what i dreamed about the most?”. For example, to install a mod Harbor, which is replaced by a simple standard Dock for iOS on an analogue of OS X.


There are four icons in the iOS dock, which is not enough, but some people want more. The examples are not far to seek, just look at the Dock in OS X that can natolkat huge amount of items on any of them then easily pressed by the effect of the increase. Here’s a analogue and has been implemented in a fashion Harbor, which will soon be available in Cydia for $2.99 from the BigBoss repo.

Product information, and there is little you can judge it only on the video above. Thus, the advanced dock allows you to customize the animation (its length, the height of “wave” and the effect of increasing the icons), and supports the display of the application activity – its icon starts to bounce, as in OS X. Requirements at Harbor democratic – any device with iOS 8 on board and jailbreak.

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