The 3D content material on sea! Blockbusters come out in theaters now hardly ever with out the 3D, 3D televisions start to multiply and it’s rarely stunning that producers are considering 3D on cell units. Hasbro, an organization well-known to oldsters to way Christmas events, has developed an adjunct offering a 3rd dimension to the iPhone and iPod contact. The My3D is a block black and blue by which the terminal is inserted to at least one facet. The opposite two holes permit viewing the contents in aid.

My 3D

Rest precisely, it takes appropriate content. Hasbro has signed an agreement with DreamWorks Animation (ShrekMadagascar or the recent Dragons) to develop applications capable of transmitting an image in three dimensions compatible with the My3D. The dedicated network the 3D 3-D TV (involving Discovery, Sony and IMAX) should also propose a compatible application.

Hasbro said it had worked with Apple on the realization of My3D, but it is assumed that  Jonathan Ive did not look into the design. The fact is that the My3D will be sold from spring 2011 to U.S. $ 30 in stores that also sell the Apple terminal.A modest price that could democratize 3D on the iPhone, provided that the content is actually available and rendering quality.[via MacRumors]


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