Each time a new version of an operating system is released, new problems arise. These problems are usually related to autonomy, overheating or, what this input, the WiFi connection. Some users have reported problems when you have to connect yourself to your WiFi network, which can be quite annoying and even have a negative impact on our data plan. This article will show you several possible solutions.

The first thing to try is to disconnect and reconnect the WiFi from your iPhone, iPod or iPad. It is what we have at hand (from the Control Center) and it is more convenient and faster. If this does not help, we will restart our device. Next you’ll try is to reboot your router.

Forget about the WiFi network

Something that can work is to forget our WiFi network. To do this go to Settings / WiFi, we will touch on the “i” next door to our WiFi network and will play in “Forget this network”. Once forgotten, we reconnect manually to see if the problem is solved.

Reset Network Settings


If this does not solve the problem, we will go to Settings / General / Reset / Reset all content and network settings. This will make the network settings restart, so we’ll have to re-enter all passwords for WiFi networks and probably reconfigure the APN of your operator.

Enable / Disable WiFi 


iOS 9 comes with an option that allows our iPhone, iPod or iPad connected to the mobile network if no WiFi provides a good connection. This option is also possible that we are causing a failure, so will try to activate / deactivate to ensure that is not the root of our problems. To enable / disable WiFi assistant go to Settings / Mobile data and activate / deactivate support for WiFi.

Disable location services for WiFi Network Connection

If the problem persists, we still have something to prove. To disable location services for wireless network connections will go to Settings / Privacy / Location / System Services Network connection and deactivate Wi-Fi.

Clean restore using iTunes

And as always, if none of this has worked, do a clean restore with iTunes to rule out software issues.

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