Health Apps new section in the App Store Compatible HealthKit



iOS 8 problems fixed with the version 8.0.2, integrated with applications HealthKit returned to the App Store after being previously removed. Now the company creates a section in the App Store to highlight Apps for Health.

This section contains applications FitStar, MyFitness, Human, MotionX 24/7 and others that will allow us to control our health in a whole new way. Collecting and displaying data in a simple and very visual so that we can assimilate aspects like fitness, nutrition and health.

Know and use all the advantages offered new devices and HealthKit is something that can take a while. It is not complicated but has to find suitable applications and uses for each user. These applications are a good start but we must be attentive to the future to come.
Health By the way, if you enter the link, and you empty collection appears calm in your App Store. You may seek individual applications until you solve this temporary problem.

Other collections that may interest you if you’ve updated to the latest version of iOS or bought new iPhone applications are adapted to the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, even great apps for iOS in August.

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