HealthbookApple is going to add to the eighth edition of the new mobile platform iOS application for monitoring human health. It is called , according to the leaked screenshots , Healthbook.

Unlike other medical applications and technologies for mobile devices, which are basically “incarcerated” under strictly defined function , Healthbook will provide a range of opportunities . It can diagnose blood sugar , respiratory rate and heart rate and level of dehydration. Analysts suggest that this application will be the cornerstone around which advertising campaign built iOS and hypothetical 8 hours iWatch. At the same time expressed the opinion that Healthbook will not just complement to wearable computers Apple, and become a full-fledged platform for the ” Internet of things .”

Analyst Benedick Evans believes that the Cupertino company is much more serious plans for medical application Healthbook, than it might seem.

” We assume that Apple plans to release medical application ” card ” style interface Passbook. Then what happens if you buy and activate the blood pressure monitor, certified for Healthbook? It is likely that Apple will use an automatic device discovery Bluetooth LE, which is already built into iOS 7. Now imagine that it will prompt you to add a new card Healthbook (via iTunes or directly on your mobile device ), written in HTML / Javascript and running in a protected sandbox Healthbook. If so what will work any sensor that will be on sale . As a result, Apple will create a platform for the ” health ” of devices with zero configuration . No application code , App Store and the need to customize software and hardware .

This could explain why Apple recently hired as experts from the field of wearable electronics – is a team of professional training for medical devices, and not “smart” clock measuring various technical parameters . That’s because in Cupertino hope that ” apple ” gadgets will interact extensively with such devices – the company is not trying to add the ability of all medical devices in their own product. Some sensors can actually be built into the phone (eg iPhone 5s already have a pedometer ) , while others are more complex , will be natively supported platform Apple “.

Evans said that a variety of medical gadgets and applications already on the market , but Healthbook can be a such a unifying interface that will lead them ” common denominator” . As a result, Apple will attract third-party developers that produce their own products that can interact with Healthbook.

It was reported earlier that the “smart” watch iWatch will be a huge fitness functionality. Apparently, the iPhone maker is seriously thinking about how to create an entire ecosystem health in their products. If this is true , then knowing the serious and attentive approach to their Apple developments and ideas in a short time we will have a revolution in the field of medical diagnostics and healthcare.

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