HeartMonitor-for-watchOS-001-1Developer Zachcary Simone has created a new app for iPhone and Apple Watch that tracks your heart rate without activating a traditional workout.

The app, called HeartMonitor, allows you to continuously monitor your heart rate during so-called “Sessions” of activities, while the iPhone app allows you to monitor heart rate data quickly and easily. Heart rate is monitored even if dedicated workouts are not active. This way, no unwanted data is added to your activity rings and it is easier to check only the heart rate info.

All info is in fact shown by HeartMonitor in a dedicated space, which can be controlled directly from the iPhone app.


HeartMonitor is quite simple to use. Once you have downloaded the app, simply open it on Apple Watch and choose the “Start” option to start a session. From there, you activate an interface that resembles the Apple training app, showing session time, current beats and average beats per minute.

Then, through the iPhone app, you can view detailed data such as the range of your BPM, session duration, when your heart rate was at its maximum and minimum, and more. In addition, you can assign a name to each session to keep track of the various events.

HeartMonitor is free to download from App Store.

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