Here’s How The Nokia 3310 Will Look Like In 2017



At the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia unveiled to the world its new phones, one of them, the Nokia 3310 that some of us know as the unbreakable mobile that we had in adolescence and in which we play the Snake . The renewed version of this mythical terminal may have been a bit disappointed, as the design has changed considerably compared to the original version, but in return they have gained some news and features. What exactly can the new Nokia 3310 do? For a start, you can call and send SMS, something that should not be surprising because for that purpose was mainly in the year 2000. In 2017 still has that main use, hence its low Price and has been advertised as a reliable and secondary device.


It also has two SIMs, so it can be used for two phone numbers at a time, but you can forget about using WhatsApp. Although the Series 30+ operating system has an application called GroupMe, only the Nokia 3310 can access it and is not accessible for modern smartphones. As a good viejuno phone, it has a physical keyboard, but it does not have keys like a BlackBerry. There are only 12, which are 10 for the numbers and the letters and another 2 for the asterisk and the pad. It can only be used to write SMS and to surf the Internet, because, yes, the Nokia 3310 has 2G connectivity. Indeed, it does not even have 3G, which is already a network out of date on many devices; And can not connect over WiFi. It is not recommended to enter any modern page and with many images.


Despite its retro spirit, the 3310 can play MP3 music, has a microSD card reader to extend its space, and it also has an FM radio. In addition to a secondary phone, it can serve as a replacement for an iPod. Given how little it costs, $50 does not seem like a bad idea. It also has a camera, which does not make much sense because it has only 2 megapixels and a modest flash. For an emergency, we assume that it will be worth something, but it is not his forte or far. Finally, the Nokia 3310 has batteries and interchangeable housings, which will help a lot to keep it new after falling and scratching the keys. Now, and here is the great disappointment of this renewed version: be careful to beat it or put it under a lot of pressure, because it is no longer indestructible. The original version was basically a brick with screen, but Nokia and HMD have not highlighted anything this aspect of the new device, something that surely is not an oversight and evidence that the aspect we liked most of the mythical 3310 is history.

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