Here's How To Send An Email Attachment From Your iPhone

Here's How To Send An Email Attachment From Your iPhone

Up until now, sending email via iPhone and iPad was somehow limited to notes, on pictures and videos. Sending PDFs, Word documents or similar files was much more difficult to accomplish. With iOS 9 to this eased somewhat, although there are still some pitfalls. However, there is now a way to send attachments on the iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: Open the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Tap the lower right corner on the icon with the header to compose a new email.

Step 3: Now enter the email address of the recipient and the subject line.

Step 4: Double Tap on the text box to open a context menu.

Step 5: to reach tap on the arrow at the right edge of the context menu to the next level. Here you can now “od photo. Insert Video” with Tip insert media elements. Pull the arrow one more time.

Step 6: “Add attachment” Choose now, and you will be your “iCloud Drive” appears.


Step 7: As an alternative to iCloud Drive you can on “locations” access other cloud storage if you have installed the app on your iOS device.

Step 8: Select in the cloud storage from a file by tapping on it. This is then loaded and inserted in your email.

Step 9: You can now of course other content append or write an e-mail text.


Step 10: Do you have appended all the files and your text ready, then you can tap “Send” above right.

With iOS 9,  Apple introduced iCloud Drive storage also on iOS devices. This simultaneously raises the maximum file size to a limit of 5 GB. The file is then downloaded to iCloud Drive and the recipient of the mail receives the file directly, but only a link to it, as many mailboxes can only process significantly low data.

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