The iPhone 8 will be Apple most expensive in history, here’s why



If you believe all the available information on the web, the next-gen iPhone price will exceed $1000, in addition to the use of expensive OLED screen. According to the blog Macotakara, the iPhone 8 will be the only Apple’s cell phone this year that will support wireless charging. This information was contrary to earlier rumors that suggested that iPhone 7s and 7s Plus bring the same opportunity.

However, weaker models that Apple will reveal parallel to the iPhone 8,  the option to upgrade to special chargers. For now, there is no question about compatibility with earlier versions of the iPhone in the form of supplements.

In addition, iPhone and iPhone 7s/ 7s Plus will bring no Lightning adapter for 3.5 mm audio jack, as it happens today with existing devices. Moreover, it will be equipped either with the Lightning adapter to USB Type-C connector located on MacBook laptops. Macotakara states that have not found a special reason for this decision.

iPhone 8 will bring all of this, but in a drastically more expensive package, likely the most expensive so far. The next-gen iPhone will be a real redesigned intended for the celebration of the tenth anniversary of devices… Models iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will be cheaper, but also more limited accessories and options, but when it comes to design, it will be very similar to the current generation of devices. In this way, Apple has significantly reduced production costs and ensure higher profits.

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