Hidden Advantages of Apple Watch



It is believed that Apple has decided to start working in the industry of wearable gadgets rather late, although competitors offer in the market with good and much cheaper products. However, analysts, and at Apple fans have every reason to believe that the smart watch from the iPhone maker still succeed. Why, they have the potential to become the best product in the industry.

By the way, most recently suddenly brightened and the Swiss brand Tag Heuer, which threatens the area of wearable gadgets own smart watch. To implement this plan, the company is considering the organization of partnerships with the right companies, and even absorption. So, just for Tag Heuer attempt to introduce this market with such delay may be disastrous. But not for Apple. Analysts, like Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, confident in high sales results Apple Watch.

Not long ago, Apple has provided third-party developers WatchKit, tools to create applications for Apple Watch. The manufacturer has prepared a program for corporate control over health and physical activity, measurement time and playing music. Third-party developers can no longer create such applications, they are expected utilities, which need to work and iPhone.

Such products must operate on the principle of web applications. In these remote server typically provides data processing services and user equipment necessary to demonstrate the interface in a web browser. Programs written using WatchKit, will operate on the same system, only in this case, the remote server will be the iPhone, and Apple Watch actually provide a user interface based on a software framework provided by Apple.

A person with such a creative thinking duo smart hours and iPhone may seem convoluted pair dance in which partners do not touch each other but move synchronously and in tact. Someone would call into question the approach and the need to do such a close binding wearable gadget to your phone. In turn, Apple expects (and quite rightly) that the application for the Apple Watch still prove popular among users. Whether such third-party software standalone, limited computational capabilities of smart hours by themselves would have spoiled everything about them impressed. The gadget would probably have become a brake, hang and close applications on an emergency basis, and battery – quickly drain. The result – dissatisfaction of users, which Apple is trying to avoid at all costs.

In a pair of “Apple Watch – iPhone” distribution of the computational load between a smartphone and a clock can provide any developer, because they are all in roughly the same conditions in their work with WatchKit. In principle, Android Wear from Google operates the same way. Although in the case of the Android platform third-party developers may wish to create a stand-alone program.

In my opinion, restrictions imposed by Apple – a sure way to ensure the best experience with new items. In such circumstances, users will be plenty of applications on any choice, and they will work well due to computing power iPhone. On the contrary, free approach to creating applications for Android Wear wearable gadget without being tied to your phone just something and will lead to problems in the smart-hours on Android and discontent users. Thus, in this context, we can easily identify key advantages Apple Watch.

First, its role should play integration experience Apple, which the company successfully used in combining hardware and software of its products. Now, in the Apple Watch integration to a new level – provides communication between different devices already. Manufacturer controls a bunch of “software – hardware” on both devices, the iPhone and Apple Watch, and can guarantee a perfect interaction between them.


Such an experience of use – an essential condition for the success of such gadgets. Competitors Apple Watch – Microsoft Band and gadgets based on Android Wear – also have claims to the close compatibility with smartphones. However, these devices are unlikely to provide a similar experience with, because they will never achieve the same level of integration of the smartphone and handheld gadget, as is the case with the products of Apple – there is no such experience.

It is possible that the concept of “system” at all soon change its meaning. Because under it will cease to mean a pair of standard computer and software for it. Again, the rules change Apple. It is with a light hand the company from Cupertino will be understood by the system integration of several high-quality products and their interaction with each other. And this is precisely what will be the deciding factor in the purchase decision. The recent success of the iPhone 6 only confirms this.

The second advantage can be considered Apple Xcode, application development environment for iOS. After all, she does all the work for the developer to integrate devices. The creators of the applications do not even care about this issue. In addition, preparing a program for Apple Watch,  based on their experiences in developing a similar product for the iPhone. On the whole, the majority of applications to Watch – it’s the same app for the iPhone. Developers need only to study the interface is smart watches Apple, which is done using tools with which they are already familiar.


Facilitating in this way the work of developers, Apple expects to diverse ecosystem of applications for its wearable gadget, and for a very short time. As we already know from the experience of the use of smartphones, the success of the gadget is very important well-organized ecosystem applications. In this regard, iOS significantly surpassed Android. On the other competing platforms, it is not even going.

The strongest competitor in the industry

Until recently, reporters from technology and business media, and could not imagine what will be a serious competitor Apple’s market hours. After all, this is not a niche market. According to information provided by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, the five leading countries in this market, exporting watches, led by Switzerland, together in 2013 to produce goods worth $42 billion. It is also known that the electronic clock, bringing about a quarter of those profits, in the future will become a smart watch. Most of them will work on the basis of the applications installed on smartphones. Accordingly, manufacturers are using this approach, such as Microsoft, with its Band, will not be able to compete with Apple and Apple Watch (and with Android Wear unlikely). A dominance of the smartphone market will grow rapidly in the market dominance and smart hours.

Companies like Tag Heuer, planning with the world on a string to collect product like Smart hours (with subcontractors and with the help of acquisitions relevant companies), are doomed to failure. After all, except that they are trying to penetrate the market of smart hours rather late, they are unlikely to provide the proper level of integration of their portable gadgets with smartphones.


It is believed that Apple Watch will become something more than another product in the industry of electronic watches. The manufacturer does not take care of creating casual luxury version of its wearable gadget. After all, it will pay attention to those who are willing to lay out thousands of dollars on the status mechanical watches, and who eventually realizes that just a watch, even from the most famous brand, not worth the thousands. Whether business –designed and functional Apple Watch. That is, the product poses a threat not only electronic clock, but the entire watch industry as a whole

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