Hidden Feature AirPlay Found In Apple TV 6.1


Apple-TV-bluetoothIn the new Apple TV 6.1 firmware available for  the second and third generations set-top box models, an enhanced AirPlay feature has been found. AirPlay is designed to broadcast streaming music , video and photos from mobile devices and Apple computers on the TV screen . Now Apple TV set-top box can detect protocol compatible devices using an interface Bluetooth.

A new property of Apple TV 6.1 firmware told columnist Publishing Afp548 Derick Okihara . After examining the features of the wireless protocol AirPlay he came to the conclusion that the process of finding iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac set-top box Apple has become faster and more reliable , as now used for this module is also Bluetooth 4.0. After finding a compatible device , data is transmitted through the main channel – Wireless Wi-Fi.

Condition to support the new feature is installed on the device firmware Apple TV 6.1, gadget operating system iOS 7.1 and the presence of the module Bluetooth 4.0. Computers based on the OS X 10.9.2 can not yet communicate with Apple TV via Bluetooth, says Derick . Perhaps this functionality will appear in the next update .

Apple TV

The main innovation of Apple TV 6.1, we recall , was the more convenient way to hide from the TV screen unwanted icons . Previously , the user had to go to the parent operating system settings . The appearance of this feature was a response to the rapid growth in the number of available channels on Apple TV . Now arrange the icons on the main screen and hide unnecessary is not too difficult .

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