The best way to conceal the NewsStand in your instrument, no jailbreak wanted

Before and after Newsstand gets hidden on the iPhone.

Developer Filippo Bigarella has just released StrifleStand, this tool allow to hide the iOS NewsStand  application  without having to jailbreak your device. Without StifleStand it is currently not possible to run the application to get the app in a folder. In this tutorial we explain you exactly how to hide the NewsStand application on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

  1. Let’s start by downloading StrifleStand , keep in mind that the application is currently only available for Mac OS X, the Windows version should be available in a couple weeks.
  2. Start StrifleStand, if you are using OS X 10.8 with Gatekeeper then you must include the Control key while you open the application.
  3. Once you have your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad connecting USB. StrifleStand will automatically detect your device,.
  4. Locate the Newsstand folder on your device.hide-newsstand
  5. And if you wish to conceal the NewsStand click on the “Cover NewsStand” button.
  6. You’re going to see a message seem that the motion is full, and the Kiosk utility will now be positioned within the folder Magic.

Stuff you will have to recognize

  • Newsstandwill Springboard crashing when it’s positioned in a folder, this can also be solved through the appliance on your own home monitor to put in.
  • That you could the identify  the folder.
  • Which you could no longer switch Newsstand to any other folder.

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