High-Res Screenshots Of PlayStation 4 UI




Sony seems confident that the latest generation of PlayStation gaming consoles will be the most powerful product when launched. Japanese electronics device manufacturer is confident in offering the most advanced entertainment devices to compete with its competitors, Microsoft’s Xbox 720.







Reported XbitLabs, Thursday (28/02/2013), Sony Computer Entertainment hopes its product line video games that support PlayStation 4 (PS4) is available at launch and become the most powerful game. Sony believes the game developer studio will present a variety of popular games for the PS4.

The company’s country of origin sakura believe that they not only have made ​​the title game itself. However, they will also bring third-party game titles strong to gamers PS4.


“With the PlayStation 4, we can see the strength in depth of the present title. PS4 I believe is the most powerful product line we’ve ever had,” said Michael Denny, Sony’s Vice President of Worldwide Studios.


Three studios have demonstrated the ability of its game titles for the PS4, which reportedly slid on a holiday (holiday) or the end of this year. Some game titles like Killzone revealed Shadow Fall, DriveClub, Watch Dogs and Knack.



Web page Gematsu suggested, PS4 undertake chip processors from AMD (Evolved Micro Units). John Taylor, AMD’s advertising and marketing boss, stated the corporate has developed accelerated processing unit (APU) is essentially the most highly effective for PS4

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