Homade Case Makes Your iPhone Look Like an Internal Hard Drive


This Exhausting Power Duvet is may well be the perfect iPhone case to reminisce about outdated expertise. With the aid of wrapping your iPhone in right here, appears evident from the again on an previous arduous force. You will have simply acquired him proper again view: the edges of the case appear simple, black plastic to exist.


The case seems to have all the details of an old hard drive  to contribute, not only its the old iron casing well reproduced, but the warranty found on the stickers with messages and serial numbers. Unfortunately, only the back worked out: the sides are not the usual case and gates of a hard disk.

It is currently quite hard to make the Hard Drive Cover to get their hands: the iPhone case is sold by Thumbs Up , a distributor of various accessories. Probably will have to purchase webshops him before we have a place for him to buy. The Hard Drive Cover according Thumbs Up only be used with the iPhone 4.


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