During WWDC, Apple announced all sorts of new features for the HomePod with the iOS 13. By far the most important improvement is support for multiple users and a radio station support launching on September 30. If you already have a HomePod, you can use this and a number of other features starting this fall.

With HomePod multi-user support, it means that everyone in the house can ask the HomePod to send messages, read them, set reminders, request the agenda and more. Currently, this is available to one account, but with the software update coming later this fall, it will work up to six users.

The music Handoff feature is useful when you want to continue playing the music from your iPhone to your HomePod. Whether you were listening to a podcast, your favorite song or a phone call, all you have to do is keep your iPhone close to your HomePod, in which a message will appear to transfer the audio.

A new feature that Apple reveals on its page is the ability to play soothing background noises. The HomePod can, among other things, play sounds of waves, chirping birds, rainstorms and more. According to Apple, you need to relax with these sounds and comes in handy during studying, for instance. There are many apps in the App Store that offer this type of background noise, but thanks to the HomePod you no longer need them.

A feature that is already available is the ability to play radio via Siri. On a dedicated Apple’s web page, it says that the feature will be available on September 30. For this, it is not necessary to run a beta version of iOS, because it simply works with the latest public version.

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