HoneyComb Manufacturers in Limbo


One thing does no longer appear to show around the facet cabinets Android . Digitimes multiplies alarmist articles about HoneyComb  and it sounds as if there’s at the least one ignition prolong.Is that this the thundering success of the iPad 2 ? The troublesome beginnings of Xoom? The results of what took place in Japan? Issues inherent in Android three.zero?


A lack of support from Google? Some of these arguments have in any case prompted several manufacturers to delay their plans even downright them pause. While the Asus Eee Pad should have released these days, she would arrive in stores in Taiwan in the best case at the end of the month. DigiTimes also mentions that HTC is working on commercializing its shelf Flyer expected by the end of the first half. Again, it seems that Asian society is not particularly pressed to start production so that it targets high enough.

So who will benefit from this delay in the ignition? HP and RIM may well hold their own game.

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