Horipad Ultimate, a new rechargeable game controller for Apple TV and iOS



When Apple launched the MFi program to the controls for game makers only they bet on him shyly. There were few who decided to make such attachments for iPhone and iPad, and the few that also had great reviews were somewhat cold, far from offering a similar conventional controls consoles experience. But the arrival of Apple TV has changed things and fever of the games for this new Apple device has been triggered. SteelSeries Nimbus classic is getting good reviews, so we can now add the Horipad Ultimate, a new joystick that comes to convince gamers that the Apple TV 4 is a gaming platform that should be taken into consideration.



With two analog controls, the classic D-Pad four action buttons on the front and four on the front lacks nothing of what it takes to handle the most demanding games. It has a rechargeable battery for up to 80 hours and a Lightning cable to charge any of iOS devices or the one that brings the Apple TV Remote for Siri. The design and materials are, according to early reviews, first class and fits perfectly in your hands to get good control of your game.


This is the first real alternative to SteelSeries Nimbus, therefore the performance has good reviews, and although at the moment is only available in the online Apple Store in the US., it is foreseeable that not long in coming to other online stores around the world and retail Apple store during the holiday season. The price is the same as of the SteelSeries Nimbus, $49.95  and can be bought from the Apple Store website with 1-2 business days shipping.

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