Not all users of the MacBook Pro with Retina display satisfied with the number of ports for connecting peripheral devices. In the course are all kinds of hubs like Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock HD 2 and original solutions such as the Horizontal Dock, demonstrated at the last exhibition CES 2015.

Horizontal Dock

Horitzonal-Dock-l2Horizontal Dock Company, Henge Docks; a horizontal stand for the MacBook Pro with display Retina, the main purpose of which was to increase the number of ports for peripherals. Handle accessory with the task at 100%. After installing the MacBook Pro on a stand, just press a single button on the front panel as your laptop automatically connect connectors Thunderbolt, USB and power connector MagSafe. From the back of the stand is a whole clip of ports and connectors:

  • 6 ports USB 3.0;
  • Mini Display Port;
  •  Thunderbolt;
  •  HDMI;
  •  2 3.5mm audio jack;
  •  1GB Ethernet;
  •  A slot for Micro SD;
  •  Locking connector for cable (protection against thieves, actually in the store);
  •  Power connector.

Horitzonal-Dock-l1Horizontal Horizontal Dock view is fully consistent with the style of Apple: black plastic has a silver anodized aluminum elements. The right and left of the MacBook Pro will no longer hang around a bunch of wires (and thus spoil the aesthetic appearance), now hiding in the back of the device.

Another important function button to connect was the opportunity to secure a rapid extraction of the laptop stand. Just press the button again, all connectors undock and MacBook Pro is ready for shipment.

Horizontal Dock is available in two versions: one for  15 and 13 inches Macbook Pro with Retina display . No versions for the MacBook Air yet, because the regular ports are even less so, more relevance. But the price tag for the dock is $399. At this point the product is at the stage of pre-order. Deliveries are expected in July 2015. For an extra $50 you can participate in a special program and get the Horizontal Dock in April.

For more information about the Horizontal Dock and pre-order can be done on the official manufacturer website.

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