Hound voice assistant launches in the App Store




There is another digital voice assistant: Hound,  entering the scene that will give Siri, Cortana and Google Now a good race.

SoundHound, the company behind the app search and discovery of music, announced Tuesday the public launch of its own app virtual assistant and voice search.

Hound call, the application allows users to ask questions and get answers to things like the weather, or what four-star hotels are nearby.

Users can also use voice commands to complete tasks such as sending a text message or making a phone call.

What separates Hound of the other virtual assistants like Siri is that the user can speak conversational manner rather than in a robotic voice based on how the keyword search is performed.


Hound can understand the context of what the user is asking, allowing the user to add details and follow-up questions to further refine or change your search results. This means that users can make more complex questions and the app will be there to help in the investigation.

Hound supports include:

  • Information about the weather and temperature
  • Yelp searches for restaurants and other locations
  • Getting directions from point A to point B via GPS
  • Booking hotels through Expedia
  • Finding an Uber in your area
  • Making phone calls and text messages
  • Searching the web without having to type anything yourself
  • Performing mathematical calculations, no matter how complex
  • Translating from one language, currency, or unit to another
  • Information on flight times or stock prices
  • Setting alarms and timers
  • Finding out what that catch tune is with built-in SoundHound support
  • And much more

The app uses voice recognition technology “Words to Meaning” and understanding the language of the company to yield results accurately and quickly without the user having to write a single thing in a search engine.

Hound also make you smarter over time, learning from user data. The application currently uses over 100 domains to provide answers and information relevant to the consultations on the weather, navigation, nutrition, music, videos, sports scores and more.


SoundHound has also partnered with Uber and Yelp to integrate their data with the application. This means that users can access Yelp listings in the search for a good Thai place to eat nearby, and have a car that Uber come to pick up after orally request the service.

The application works similar to the way other digital assistants. Users activate Hound saying, “OK, Hound …” to start a consultation. This provides a hands-free experience that can be ideal for multi-tasking at work, or when you need to find a recipe halfway through cooking.

Hound was released in beta earlier through private invitation in June, and is now available for download for free for iOS and Android.
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