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Apple was fully involved in providing quality information about the COVID-19 at the beginning of April. Specific platforms were launched in collaboration with health-relevant bodies in the United States. Subsequently, a platform was launched to check whether a user’s symptoms were compatible with the disease. Finally, Apple works closely with Google to provide an API to integrate into tracking applications from different countries around the world. Beyond these facts, today we know that Apple has included the places where COVID-19 tests are carried out on Apple Maps in the United States and Puerto Rico, for the moment.

The Apple Maps application has been updated indirectly since the start of the pandemic. In mid-March, when many of the countries around the world began their alarm states, Apple prioritized hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets, and restaurants with home delivery of food in the map app category of establishments. In this way, a user did not have to navigate the app as much and could access that information more quickly.

Today, we know that the new priority that appears in the app as we start a search are the centers, clinics, hospitals, or places where the COVID-19 tests are carried out. The only drawback is that these data are only shown in Puerto Rico and the 50 states of the United States. To access this information, we simply have to go to the search bar and click on “COVID-19 tests”. This option, as I have commented, will only appear in Puerto Rican and American territory.

To be able to appear in the list of places, Apple has enabled a platform to allow hospitals and authorized centers to register. Once you have access to the information, you can find out if the center or hospital attends without an appointment, its address, and its corresponding telephone number.

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