How Best Protect your iPhone 5?



iHelplounge offers a selection of covers, cases and other solutions to help you better protect your new iPhone 5. It is exciting  when you start using a new iPhone? Besides the fact that you want to show it off  proudly to your loved ones, you also think of a way to effectively protected. The iPhone 5 is now marketed for a little over two weeks and accessories dedicated to the new device does not abound in the market. For it must be said, if the new “flagship” Apple has been crafted from highly resistant materials, it is not immune to scratches, even strokes, when used daily ! Fortunately for us, different solutions have already been proposed.


 Incase Slider Case iphone 5

This is one of the first major props to have unveiled its new collection of shells dedicated to iPhone 5. The American brand offers four models of shells from the flexible material (rubber) materials more rigid (plastic and metal ultra resistant). The shells are available in various colors as well as transparent leaves reflected the design of the new iPhone. Incase cases are renowned for their quality and design rather sober. They are available usually around $35 including in the Apple Online Store, but it is possible to have access to the entire collection on the website of the prop by agreeing to pay the shipping charges that may be, however, higher than the Apple Store.




The  Belkin case has also been very responsive to propose many shells compatible with the iPhone 5 from its commercialization. This American brand, however, can boast of offering many models with View Case akin to Bumper but with a transparent back. Note that this shell is available in many colors  priced from $20.

Another interesting model with the same props, it is the shell Sheer Matte Case Shield which, according to one of our forum users would be scratch-resistant and provide a good grip, plus allow the design reflected complete the new Apple smartphone.

Belkin cases are offered for sale on the official website of the props as well as in some other Apple Premium Resellers and retailers such as Amazon, Bestbuy etc..



The  Otterbox cases are not deemed to be “the best”. No, their primary goal is to provide you with protection for your iPhone and, in the most extreme conditions. It rages from Defender to prefix series. In sum, it is protective shells ideal for people who work on construction sites or for people who want to take with them their iPhone at a meeting. This is what you get in any with the new Defender  iPhone 5 case priced  $53, without shipping.



Quality protection solutions BodyGuardz brand is well established. To recap, the protection type BodyGuardz is a kind of ultra-resistant plastic film. This is the same material used to protect the front of the car against gravel and abrasive elements. Once placed on all sides of your machine, your iPhone will not be distorted, it will not indestructible, but may be put to the test and you will certainly be afraid to share your pocket with your iPhone and door Key. Total protection is sold for less than $20 on their website. Shipping costs can be high but bulk orders are made possible as well.



If you are looking for a solution “that does not see” the solution-Liquid Armor might interest you. It has the advantage of placing themselves in no time on the front of the iPhone and does not form bubbles as is sometimes the case with traditional plastic films. As a reminder, Liquid-Armor can be compared to a highly refined and varnish because it is invisible to the naked eye. While the glass screen of an iPhone seems perfectly smooth at the nanoscale it looks like sandpaper. Applying this “painted” invisible, the surface of the iPhone is noticeably smoother. Thus, even the smallest particles no longer find outlets on your screen and they will slide over and never get hooked. The Liquid Armor resolution is to be had for $24.ninety nine

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