How to Disable iPhone calls on Mac


12327-6087-Screen-Shot-2015-03-30-at-101720-AM-lWith OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 you can also make calls on your Mac and iPad on the iPhone. But if you want any calls on your Mac to accept and not be disturbed by the alerts, you should disable this feature.

OS X 10.10 Yosemite makes known an extensive feature called “Continuity”. This “integration”, as Apple calls it in German, iPhone, iPad and Mac brings together more closely. This allows you to make calls, among other things on your Mac via the iPhone. This means that calls made on the iPhone, to be forwarded to all connected iOS devices and Mac computers. This means that all connected devices ring simultaneously. But if you want any calls on Mac get displayed or accept, this function can also disable one.

12327-6094-IMG_0109-lBefore getting started, check the account associated with Facetime on both the Mac and iOS by going  on iPhone and iPad, go to Settings > FaceTime .

iPhone calls disable (iPhone radio network calls) on Mac:

  • Open FaceTime app on the Mac
  • From the menu bar to open the settings of the FaceTime app
  • There now the point “iPhone radio network calls” deselect
  • Done.

If you now call on the iPhone, the Mac fires no more alert fireworks and you can work in peace. Of course the iPhone as usual and other connected iOS devices like iPad and iPod touch ringing get these calls still appear.

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