How to get an additional 2GB in Google Drive



Cloud services are gaining more and more popularity. iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox. A lot of them and they all have different space available to the user free of charge or for an additional fee. Today there was a chance to get additional 2GB in Google Drive, passing only a safety check of their own account.

Head over to the address here and go through a short procedure that improves the security of your account in the services Google.


Adding security question, introduce additional e-mail, phone verification – all of this needs to be done now if you have not already done so. If everything remains in your account without changes – confirm this by selecting the appropriate menu button.


After that there will be a few locations and a list of devices from which you visited Google services recently.

Went through the procedure? Means additional 2GB of you already in your pocket. Post this Google promises to be added on February 17.

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