How Fast is the iOS 5 Compare to the iOS 4?[video]


You're most likely one of the vital customers who’ve up to date their iBidule passing underneath iOS 5 ultimate evening. The replace was once infrequently a bit of difficult because of the saturation of the Apple servers, however the night time will definitely be conceivable to meet everybody. Now let have a look at the iOs 5 efficiency.  

Ios5 (1)

According to the site  GigaOM  has used a lot of software benchmarking (Geekbench 2, Gauge Mathematical Tool, BenchTest, V8 and SunSpider), the performance of new exiting iOS 5, and are in many ways much better than those of iOS 4. 

If we look closer, iOS 5 faster on almost all tests together by GigaOm 4 on iPhone, iPod 4G and iPad 2. So the iPhone is faster 4 of 9 of 11 tests and the iPad 2 in 10 of 11 tests.


Only drawback, the iPad 1 shows mixed results, faster iOS 5 on only three of 11 tests.


Regarding the iPod touch 4G, iOS 5 is faster on 9 of 11 tests.


Note IOS 5 is probably the update's largest Apple firmware, with  "new 200"  (We will return it) with synchronization and storage wireless center notifications, filming and photo retouching simplified Siri (iPhone 4S), etc..

And you, dear readers do you see the speed improvements since major update?

Note: try in Safari to make a first test.


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