How Fast is the New Apple Fusion Drive? [Video]



Apple announced last month the new iMac and Mac Mini, but also the so-called Fusion Drive a hybrid drive with a 128GB SSD and a 1TB hard drive or 3TD.

Our friends TLDToday decided to offer Apple Fusion Power a try to to find out  how briskly the power truly is, the assessments have been conducted on the brand new Mac Minis, one who used to be geared up with a Fusion Pressure and the opposite variation with simplest a typical 5400 RPM laborious power, watch the video beneath to look what the diversities between the 2 on the subject of efficiency.

As you will discover within the video is the Apple Fusion Pressure significantly sooner than the usual 5400 RPM onerous force, it can be clearly a huge growth over the usual onerous disk with out the price of an SSD.

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