How to install and run applications on Apple Watch?


apple watch screen

As it was announced in the Keynote, the iPhone will be in charge of running the Apple Watch in order to download apps.

First go to the Apple Watch application on the iPhone, which came with the update iOS 8.2.

Once open to locate and install the desired application:

  • Launch the Apple Watch app from your iPhone (make sure it is updated to the latest version of iOS)
  • Click Select or search in the bottom bar
  • Browse the different applications available


Install an application on Apple Watch


Now that you know how to find the applications for connected your watch, you will have to install the power to do this:

  • Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  • Click the “My Watch”
  • Select the application you want to install on your watch
  • Turn On”Show the application on Apple Watch”
  • To remove an application, you can simply perform the same process by turning Off Show App on Apple Watch..


Organise applications Apple Watch

Applications you want to add to your precious are now present, but now, how to find them easily and therefore how to organize as you wish?

Organize your apps through the Apple Watch


This method is as simple as the one on your iPhone to move your applications as you will be able to realize:

  • Visit the home page of your watch
  • Press and hold your finger on any application
  • Move the application where you want it
  • Release the pressure of your finger on the screen once the application to the desired location

Organize your applications via your iPhone

If you want to change the view of all the applications on your watch, then carry it via your iDevice will clearly be a huge time-saver, to do this:


  • Launch the Watch app Apple has on your iPhone
  • Click on my watch in the bottom menu
  • Then select the presentation apps

It’ll just reorganize the applications as desired with a much clearer interface and graphics that if you were to do it directly on the small screen of your bracelet!

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