How to install Android M on your Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9



And mentioned, at the major Google I/O 2015 developments Keynote that was help yesterday . The most prominent is undoubtedly the new operating system called Android M which houses many new features and now we can install in our Nexus devices.

For now it is only compatible with the Nexus family, will have to wait a bit to make it compatible with other devices.
If you have a Google Nexus 5, 6,  Google Nexus  9 devices and want to try the new Android M version, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Android SDK: This is software that enables communication between the computer and the Nexus device.
Step 2:Download the factory image of Android M Developer for your Nexus

Step 3: Run the SDK and make sure you have the Google USB drivers.

Step 4: Make a backup of the things you need from your Nexus: Photos, videos etc ,, program information …

Step 5: Put the device in Fastboot mode: This turns off the phone and then press the Volume Down + Power button for a few seconds. It should show up Fastboot menu.

Step 6: Unzip the downloaded image on the second point in the Platform SDK Tools installed directory.

Step 7: Connect your phone or tablet to your computer, while still in the Fastboot screen, and see if at the bottom, in the status line blocking says “locked” or “unlocked”. If “locked”, we have to unlock the bootloader, so we can install the factory firmware Lollipop. Choose the “fastboot oem unlock” option and choose “Yes” in the next screen, navigating with the volume key and selecting with the power button. Note that this will erase all data.

Step 8:If the phone starts at the Welcome screen, restart again in Fastboot mode. Then, using the command line, go to the “Tools platform” Android SDK folder and writes: “Flash-all.bat” to launch the upgrade tool to your Nexus Android version M.

With these simple steps you can try out the new Android M that Google has made available to users of the Nexus. No longer a beta so it is expected to contain a bug that will solve with future updates.

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