How Long Until Droid Overtakes The iPhone?


The discharge of thrilling new Android handsets, led tomorrow by Motorola’s Droid, and the anticipation of 30 more devices next year are making some users wonder: When do we switch from iPhone to Android?
173998-verizon-google-android-phone_originalAt least, when do we start thinking about switching? My guess is next June, when we would normally expect the next iPhone to be released. If Apple makes the move to 4G wireless, multitasking apps, and deals with all the short
comings Verizon raises in its “iDon’t” Droid commercial, the iPhone will remain in the running.

By that time, we could have as many 50 Android devices to choose from. They will not all be high-end and there will be losers among them, but there will be enough to pose a competitive threat to Apple.


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