How much is the iPad Air 2 worldwide



The first iPad, introduced in 2010 started at $499 for the 16 GB model.For a $100, buyers received the 32 GB model, and another $130 you could get a modification, not only with Wi-Fi, but with 3G. This pricing scheme is practiced and still – announced last week iPad Air 2 also costs $499 for the base model. In fact, the iPad price is not the same everywhere in the world – they vary, depending on the country. Moreover, the difference is very noticeable in the European markets.

The iPad is 399 pounds , equivalent to $642 in the UK the basic model of 16GB. In northern Europe a model with 16 GB of memory and a 9.7-inch display is estimated at about the same – at about $650. In France or Italy, the base model iPad is $639.


There are a number of factors affecting the value of the “apple” of the tablet. First of all, this service. Various duties for the importation of imported goods in each of the European countries are not the same. There are also taxes – buy iPad in the United States can not add more than 9.45% to the cost, while in Europe the VAT may be altogether 25%.

Compared to Europe, Hong Kong, iPad Air 2 costs almost as in the United States an equivalent to $501, in Australia the cost of the new tablet is $541 in China – $470, while in Japan the base model iPad Air 2 costs, as well as in the United States $499.

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