apple-iphone-5sIn the evolution of mobile electronics gadgets screens increase in size and the dimensions of the devices on the contrary – are reduced. Little progress has been achieved with the release of iPhone – a phone that lost the physical buttons , and almost the entire front panel began to occupy the touchscreen. Trend of increasing display size is preserved to this day.


Twitter- user @ somospostpc account posted a net interesting infographic , which reflects the situation with screens of today’s smartphones . It lets you know how much interest is the display on the front surface of today’s most popular devices.

Smartphones are arranged in decreasing order , so not difficult to trace who was in the lead. First place in the ratio of the size of the display and front panel belongs flagship smartphone LG, G2 – it 75.7 % of the front surface of the screen is reserved for . The second and third place planshetofony Galaxy Note 3 and LG Optimus G Pro, their results and 74.6% , 72.8 %, respectively. But outside of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s are much lower – 60.5% . The previous generation and all took the last place – iPhone 4/4S ( 54%) and iPhone 3G/3GS (50,8%).

How useful is this information in practice? Obviously, that is not so . Of course, when almost everything you see is the display on the palm – there is a specific reason. On the other hand we should not forget about ergonomics, on that far more influence device dimensions , hull shape and layout of controls , because the chance to touch the display while using no one likes .

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