How Night Shift Can Help You Sleep Better



Night Shift, the new feature included with iOS 9.3 can help sleep better with the possible changes that may occur by using your mobile bedtime. From early morning to late in the day,  we have our phones in front of us. This can lead to various eye problems,  both for having focused all day on a screen with the effort than that to our eye as sleep problems because our attention is never at rest not even in the moments before going to sleep to view where there should be a relaxed atmosphere. Also sleep problems can lead to problems in other areas such as education. In this post I intend to explain how the new functionality that Apple has included in the beta of iOS 9.3, Night Shift, can help you sleep better.

People are influenced by so-called circadian rhythms, fluctuations in our body that allow us, among other things, acquire a food or sleep habits. These rhythms are regulated with the light we receive from the outside; so, if just before sleep you have the habit of using your iPhone, this can cause your body to react as if it were day and does not activate the sleep cycle. For your body, you’re still waking cycle, so it will cost much sleep.

This is where the new feature of Apple, Night Shift comes into play. Using this tool, you can change the usual blue light of your iPhone as harmful to your dream for a more advisable orange light with longer wavelengths. It would be best to park aside every type of device before going to sleep, but we know that it is now virtually impossible, with this new feature can reduce the harmful effect of orange light in your sleep habits.

Finally,  without highlighting the legal battle between Apple and f.lux.  Apple has integrated f.lux application feature in iOS 9.3. This sometimes great for users because we access this feature without having to download any additional application to save space on the iPhone, for the creators of f.lux, this is a real job since under the terms of the App Store does there is no application that has a feature included with the operating system, f.lux is doing something with the appearance of Night Shift. Nevertheless, it is appreciated that Apple still working its iOS firmware to add useful  features to users.

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