The Apple Watch battery lasts an entire day. But if you use Apple Watch intensively it could stand firm even less than a day. Surely some things can be useful, such as turning off the sensor for the heartbeat or remove some notifications which you can do without it so it becomes very useful to have an Apple Watch. Rather than focus on other elements that do not make us give up useful features of Apple Watch.

The first element is the interface “clock”. Many graphic for the watch are animated and are therefore very beautiful and fun, but consume more energy than simple graphics and trivial example where we read the time digitally. Also remember that the screen uses less with dark colors. So the more you use dark colors tougher our battery.

Despite the exceptional work done by Apple to offer its fans a quality watch, it has a low power battery despite the fact that people have proven that it can hold a largely normal use for a day.

For the most part, so you will have to reload your watch almost every night. Suppose it would be a shame to have a beautiful wrist watch, minimum paid $399 and it takes only half a day. So today we will offer some tips for optimizing your new jewel and improve its autonomy.

A “Power Reserve” mode is available in the watch settings. The latter proposes to deactivate the majority of features and display only the time to take approximately 72 hours.To activate it:

  • Go in the application “Apple Watch” on your iPhone and secure the passage of the mode “Automatic”.
  • A second technique involves leaving supported the “Power” button on the watch for 3 seconds: a screen will prompt you to turn off the watch or change the mode to “Power Saving”.

    Reduce the number of notifications

Notifications on Apple Watch are what generates the most network activity, it will connect to Bluetooth and / or WiFi to notify you.

Some of them are not essential for you to make choices, and configure notifications for only the most useful applications. For example, you can choose to be notified by mail, only for the contact in your VIP list.

  • To do this, go to the iPhone app, tab “My Watch” then “Notifications”.

Reduce the number of installed applications

When you first set your watch, you have probably made the choice to install all applications available on your watch. This choice can be critical to the battery of your Watch.

Take stock of the applications you’ll have little utility and delete them from your watch, however they will remain on your iPhone. See our article on managing applications from Apple Watch.

Use notification center

Apple Watch offers a kind of notification center, it enables you to take a look quickly to critical information without opening each application.This mode will save a little battery. To launch it, make a slide up and framing your scans to view essential information.

Another solution is to reduce motion and Transparency. Are always two visual settings on Apple Watch that serve to make it more fluid and modern movement of the app but many users will not even realize they have. The difference is if you have a keen eye but allows you to save battery.

Finally, the classic advice is to reduce the brightness of the screen. It is good advice for any device, in particular for those with resolution Retina consuming more battery. For all of these options is the Apple app on iOS Watch that allows you to have access to all the options available to Apple Watch.

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