If you already are in possession or are thinking of buying an Apple Watch soon surely the first thing you will do will be to synchronize directly with your iPhone to start using all its tools, apps and special features. The important thing here is to note that need to have, in addition to the clock, also an iPhone 5 or higher and 15 minutes of your time.

The process of synchronization between iPhone and Apple Watch depends on the amount of apps

Depending on the amount of apps you have to synchronize the Apple Watch the process may take 10 to 15 minutes. You can also use this guide to recover your Apple Watch from a backup or to synchronize to a new iPhone.

The first thing we will update your iPhone to iOS 8.2 or higher. Currently iOS 8.3 is the newest version, but Apple confirmed that even iOS in September Apple Watch will support the first generation, which is normal because it is still new device. To make sure  you have the appropriate firmware go to Settings → General → About and look for the Version number

Press Apple Watch the side button, just below the Digital Crown, to turn on the device. Select the language and press the button to start synchronization with the iPhone from Apple Watch application. If the automatic method does not work do not despair. Press the “i” symbol in the top right of the screen to manual synchronization.

Once the iPhone recognizes the Apple Watch an animation appears on the smart watch. Choose the option to set as a new Apple Watch or loaded from a backup. Then we choose the wrist is where we can watch and accept the terms and conditions proposed by Apple.

The activated feature during configuration can then be changed in the Settings

The next step is to introduce our Apple ID password. You can also take the opportunity to use authentication in two steps to add even more security to the process. an option to use location services, the use of Siri and diagnostic information appears. You can accept it or not, it is common to give the OK and then, in case of not wanting to share some of this information can be canceled from the configuration of the device.

Only will you create the password for the lock code to access the Apple Watch and choose whether you want to unlock from the iPhone or not. The last option is to synchronize all the apps that are compatible with Apple Watch or manually choose the ones you want to install. This procedure can get rid of course, as you can install and uninstall apps as you wish. It depends on the type of use that have planned to give your Apple Watch.

When synchronization is finished definitively will hear a sound and you can begin to customize the organization of icons and other details, these steps will get to have your Apple Watch synchronized and ready to make the most.

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