A lot has been said about the Apple Watch since it was first presented last September. We know that will measure our physical activity and to interact with our iPhone without removing the latter from his pocket. What we know so far was not as able to access some functions, for example, access to multitasking.

The Apple watch is able to perform several actions if we press the button twice. One is for the top button (if you’re right handed): just touch on twice the upper side switch near an NFC terminal to pay with Apple Pay. But there is a reddit user showing us a better way, as shown in the following (somewhat blurry) gif.

The user of reddit realized that there was this little shortcut:


Tapping twice Digital Corona will alternates between the last two most used applications which recently opened.

Something very important in everyday use Apple Watch is the interaction with the virtual assistant who came along to the iPhone 4S, Siri, now also take on our wrist. To call Siri so just have to hold the Digital Corona. A gesture that, undoubtedly, we are familiar to all owners of an iPhone.

Viewing video seems that, as usual, Apple has become a concern for the ease of use of one of their devices and the next device to reach the family, Apple Watch, could not be different. A possible functions that will surely come from the hand of Force Touch, we need to add functions that are already familiar if you have an iOS device. One can only hope that Apple solves the alleged failure that initially cause the smartwatch to have a mediocre performance before launch on April 24.

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