GodMode is one of those well-kept secrets of Microsoft from Windows 7 and also present in Windows 10. It is a kind of folder or hidden menu that provides quick access to all system configuration options including some that can not be found Control Panel.
Also, how to present the options is much simpler, with a clear and concise list of names and not with a series of menus and sub-menus where you have to assume that what we are looking for has something to do with the way we have chosen to find – something that is not always true -. To adjust the screen resolution or customize the taskbar, open the Administrative Tools or defragment a disk, everything always have on hand.

Activate the GodMode

We are not talking you have to hack anything, since the GodMode is something that is present officially by Microsoft to make life easier, almost always, the experts when it comes to fixing problems with the equipment. To activate it you have to go to the desktop and click with the right mouse to create a new folder.

With this file we can do whatever we want: save it to another folder, attach it to the toolbar and if we are in Windows 8, even placing it in the Modern UI interface in one of the tiles of the latter. To enable this God mode in Windows 10, it’s simple. Just create a folder on the desktop (right click -> New Folder) and naming it with the following string:



On your desktop running Windows 10, right-click and select New>Folder and  name it


Hit Enter/Return for the folder to be created.

What’s inside and how to organize it?

The list of options is huge and the best we can do is write in the space to the right and into the top corner with which we can be putting “it” we want to change in the equipment or configuration we are looking to come up with the right choice. And in the list they are literally all settings of Windows 10. This means that if you’re not in the “GodMode” is you can not do it or set it up.

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