How To Activate iOS 8 Flyover City Tours In Maps [video]



A few days ago we talked about iOS 8 maps app new feature called ‘City Tours.’, allows users virtual cities tours in Flyover mode. As found by developer Stefan Kuidzhi, the feature can be right now on both on iOS 8 devices and the computers running OS X Yosemite.

City Tours technology is not available in all cities and only those for which there is a coating which Flyover. At the moment it Rome, Stockholm, Barcelona, ​​New York, Paris, Glasgow, Cape Town, Perth, Bordeaux and San Francisco. To start the virtual tour, you need to find in the search for one of these cities and click the button next to the Tour. Button only appears when viewing satellite or hybrid.

By selecting any of these cities, you can run a virtual tour of the sights. Gadget activates Flyover and beautifully one by one will sign the city’s building. When viewing will give the impression that a man flying over the city by air. Objects of the urban landscape are shown on all sides. On three-dimensional maps of Apple photographed buildings, monuments and trees.

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