Resized-NowPlayingStatusBarMany have noticed that iOS 7 is no indicator of music playback in the status bar . Therefore, to determine that the device plays a song when headphones are connected to the gadget on or off the volume, is problematic. Easy to forget the iPhone or iPad with the included player. The problem is solved by a jailbreak tweak .

Superstructure called Arco adds iOS 7 small but very useful feature – music playback indicator to the status bar. After you install the add iOS 7 will run about the same as in iOS 6. When the user turns the music or video , appears in the status bar indicator playback – a small “Play”icon. With all proceeds from the sale of this tweak funds go to charity, in favor of the Fund for the fight against cancer .

Arco does not bear any great sense and performs a purely decorative function – demonstrates in the status bar iPhone state played music track (play, pause , track time remaining ) .

All money raised from sales of Arco, will go in favor of the two funds to fight cancer : an Italian non-profit organization “Città della Speranza” and Research Foundation “Because of Ezra”. $0.50 will be directed to charity , $0.50 will go to Italy as a tax , PayPal and Cydia. Arco can be downloaded from Cydia for $1 .

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