How to Add “Reminders” Location Based on the iOS 5 iPhone


Probably the most iPhone applications new Reminders iOS 5 it is, this is a life to save them from now on those who are constantly forgetting things. Now with the integration of Syria in the iPhone 4S is much easier because Siri Reminders can write whatever you ask him when you ask and where you ask.

Where do you want?

If anywhere, it also supports reminders Reminders when you reach a specific location or abandonded the location in which these. The clear about this in iOS is that you do not deplete the battery and other platforms as the iOS Multitask is a bit smarter then just run the service location at the bottom and turn right when you get to the place you set your reminder.

Reminders (Reminders) only work on computers iOS 5 iPhone 4, iPhone 4SClaims to have turned the option of Location Services.

Reminders on how to use the iOS 5:

Step  1:  Open the Reminders app and click on the button "+" icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and add a new reminder or you can edit the existing reminder to add a place in it.

Step 2:  After adding a new reminder, just open and click the Remind Me.


Step 3:
  Now you have to edit all the settings you want. In the second option, you can see an option Location Based there, simply turn it on using location-based reminders. (You can also change the current location to the location of desire, on the tab at one location).


Step 4: Now, this is it, press the button Done  and done.


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