It’s almost inexplicable that Microsoft has not yet adopted tabs on your operating system. Surely at some point you’ve finished with “mil” windows open and you wondered, “but how is that possible?”.

A few hours ago I talked about this very thing, as they had been some recreations how it would be integrated into Windows 10 tabs, not only in the file browser, but also on any compatible program.

Like tabs are ingeniously useful in the web browser (it would be crazy to think now in a window for each web open), it is also in the Windows Explorer. Someday,  maybe Windows 10 will integrate this feature into the system, maybe with the anniversary update that comes in a few months, but in the meantime we have a solution to use tabs or tabs in Windows Explorer: thanks to third-party software .

There are two ideal programs, Clover 3 and QTTabBar

cloverBoth are quite similar, but start with Clover 3, an extension for Windows Explorer that basically adds us tabs on it, as we would see in a browser like Chrome.

So we can go grouping tabs in one window, instead of separate windows for each open folder. It allows keyboard shortcuts to open, close and switch between them and can even add “favorite” directories to have them always at hand.

qttabbar_topAnd on the other hand is QTTabBar, a program that had a short break a few years ago, but improved again in 2015 and fully compatible with the latest versions of Windows.

Like Clover, we can whet tabs in Windows Explorer. It is available in Spanish, supports keyboard shortcuts and can transfer files between tabs by dragging and others.

QTTabBar is also totally free (you can donate to the project if you want) and can be downloaded from here.

Clover 3 is free and you can download it from their official website.

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